I’m going back to school!

Almost exactly thirty(!) years since I matriculated at the University of Glasgow, and five years since I first developed and started teaching our ‘Advanced Software Engineering Practices’ (ASEP) course, I’m going back to school. Today is my first day as Professor in Practice in Collaborative Software Development at the University of Glasgow’s School of Computing Science, courtesy of the Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professors scheme.

This is a part-time post, funded for three years by the RAEng, where I’ll focus on taking the experience of delivering ASEP to 4th year Honours students, combined with what I’ve learnt from hosting a fair number of interns over the past few years, into 1st through 5th year and work with the Year Heads to find ways of introducing industry software engineering practices and collaboration skills into their respective curriculums.

I also look forward to attending and participating in various academic forums to observe and bring industry examples and counter-points where appropriate.

I am excited and grateful for this opportunity, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiastic support from friends and colleagues at both J.P. Morgan and the School of Computing Science.

Now, where do I start?!